2018 Futurity Results

by Site Admin on May 4, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 futurity program! Winners were announced at NAILE in November. Please see the document below for details.

2018 Futurity Results

2018 Futurity Winners

2018 Futurity Winner Yearling Ewe Colored

2018 Futurity Winner Yearling Ewe White

Lincoln Futurity Update

by Site Admin on September 15, 2018

As of 9/9/2018, the current futurity points have been turned in and updated:

Name Ewe Points
White Ewe Lamb
Laurie Baughman Rader 603 40
Laurie Baughman Campbell 59 31
Lena Berry Rader 605 25
Kallan Latham Campbell 64 13
White Yearling Ewe
Laurie Baughman Rader 581 30
Abby Motter Campbell 50 38
Natural Colored Ewe Lamb
Jennifer Bennett Sando 1801 10
Jennifer Bennett Sando 1802 18
Natural Colored Yearling Ewe
Bailey Towery Campbell 0255 42
Abby Motter Campbell 52 36

If you feel this is not correct, or you have not yet turned in points, please contact Blake Campbell at: lincolnfuturity@gmail.com

2018 Northeast Youth Sheep Show

by Site Admin on August 21, 2018

The 2018 Northeast Youth Sheep Show was held from July 19-22nd in West Springfield, MA. Tayler Garges (PA) won both Grand and Reserve Champion Ewes, as well as Champion Ram for the Lincoln breed. She was also Reserve Grand Champion Intermediate Showman. Brianna Taylor (MA) won Best Fleeced Lincoln and was also Reserve Grand Champion Senior Showman.

Congratulations ladies!

Full results can be found here.

2018 All-American Junior Sheep Show

by Site Admin on July 22, 2018

The All-American Junior Sheep Show took place this year in Indianapolis, Indiana from July 5th to July 8th. The Lincoln breed had over 20 exhibitors and over 100 sheep entered! What an amazing turn out!

Champion Ewe: 1st place white senior ewe lamb, shown by Laurie Baughman (OH)
Reserve Champion Ewe: 1st place natural colored yearling ewe, shown by Blake Campbell (OH)
Champion Ram: 1st place white senior ram lamb, shown by Laurie Baughman (OH)
Reserve Champion Ram: 1st place natural colored ram lamb, shown by Laura Millikin (IN)
Best Fleece: Junior ewe lamb, shown by Justin Taylor (WI)

Full show results can be found here.

In addition to the sheep show, the All-American show offers many other competitions including a fleece show and contests. In the fleece show, Jennifer Bennett (IN) won champion. The competition are inter-breed and we had many Lincoln breeders place really well! In the skillathon contest, Laila Shehab (NJ), placed 3rd overall in the senior division out of 60 total competitors! Margo Johnson (OH) took 3rd place in the beginner judging contest. Sabrina Richert (IN) won first place in the power point competition, senior division. For the ad layout contest, Rebecca Bader (WI) won first place in the senior division. Rebecca also took first place in the senior photo contest, and third place in the t-shirt design competition. Laurie Baughman (OH) won third place in the poster contest, beginner division. Justin Taylor (WI) took home the coveted Top Gun award for the Lincoln breed, which includes points from all the breeding classes, showmanship and contests.

Congratulations to all the competitors! It is wonderful to have such enthusiasm and participation in our youth!

2017 NAILE Junior Show Results

by Site Admin on November 16, 2017

NAILE is underway in Louisville, KY and this past weekend was the youth show. It was an outstanding show with 99 head entered! Here are the “unofficial” results (official results will be posted when available). Thank you to everyone who supports this show!

White Lincoln Junior Show

Early Spring Ram Lamb (5) – Blake Campbell
Late Spring Ram Lamb (4) – Tayler Garges

Champion Ram – Blake Campbell – Ram-Lin Acres RLA 1750 – Class winning early ram lamb
Reserve Champion Ram – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 96 – Class winning late ram lamb

Yearling Ewes (11) – Nikkole Sheppleman – Rader 525
2nd Yearling Ewe – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 63

Pair Yearling Ewes (3) 1st – Tayler Garges, 2nd – Bailey Towery, 3rd – Blake Campbell

Fall Ewe Lamb (1) – Ashton Anderson – Lein 1695

Early Spring Ewe Lambs (10) – Eva Garges – Garges Girls 76
2nd Early Ewe Lamb – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 73

Late Spring Ewe Lambs (9) – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 79
2nd Late Spring Ewe Lamb – Blake Campbell – Campbell 726-45

Pair of Ewe Lambs (8) – 1st – Nikkole Sheppleman, 2nd – Tayler Garges, 3rd – Thomas Day, 4th – Blake Campbell, 5th – Laurie Baughman

Champion Ewe – Ashton Anderson – Lein 1695 – Class winning fall ewe lamb
Reserve Champion Ewe – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 79 – Class winning late ewe lamb

Best Fleece – Jennifer Bennet – Sando Farm 1708 (late ewe lamb)

Young Flock (6) – 1st – Nikkole Sheppleman, 2nd – Tayler Garges, 3rd – Blake Campbell, 4th
-Thomas/Christian Day, 5th – Laurie Baughman, 6th – Bailey Towery

Natural Colored Lincoln Junior Show

Fall Ram Lamb (1) – Laurie Baughman – Reid 16-38

Early Spring Ram Lamb (3) – Annabelle Kruse – Kruse 17444
2nd – Thomas Day – CRF 1646 “Percy”

Late Spring Ram Lamb (6) – Terrence Blake – Blake 30
2nd – Blake Campbell – Campbell 712-49

Champion Ram – Terence Blake – Blake 30
Reserve Champion Ram – Annabelle Kruse – Kruse 17444

Yearling Ewes (8) – Justin Taylor – Taylor 16-548
2nd – Annabelle Kruse – Breckenridge 07

Pair Yearling Ewes (2) – 1st – Annabelle Kruse, 2nd – Blake Campbell

Fall Ewe Lamb (1) – Justin Taylor – Taylor 16F555

Early Spring Ewe Lamb (6) – Blake Campbell – Campbell 705-51
2nd – Nikkole Sheppleman – Rader 556

Late Spring Ewe Lamb (10) – Terrence Blake – Blake 37
2nd – Annabelle Kruse – Kruse 17446

Pair Ewe Lambs (6) – 1st – Annabelle Kruse, 2nd – Laurie Baughman, – 3rd Thomas Day

Champion Ewe – Justin Taylor – Taylor 16-548 – Class winning yearling ewe
Reserve Champion Ewe – Blake Campbell – Campbell 705-51 – Class winning early ewe lamb

Best Fleece – Jennifer Bennett – Sando Farm 17-11 (late spring ewe lamb)

Young Flock (6) – 1st – Terrence Blake, 2nd – Justin Taylor, 3rd – Blake Campbell, 4th – Annabelle Kruse, 5th – Thomas Day, 6th – Mason Johnson

For photos, please see the slideshow on the Junior page.

2017 NAILE Junior Show Photos

by Site Admin on November 16, 2017

NC_1st Early Ram Lamb & Res Champ Ram, Annabelle Kruse
NC_1st Early Spring Ewe Lamb
NC_1st Fall Ewe Lamb, Justin Taylor
NC_1st Fall Ram Lamb, Laurie Baughman
NC_1st Late Spring Ewe Lamb, Terrance Blake
NC_1st Late Spring Ram & Champion Ram, Terrance Blake
NC_1st Yearling Ewe & Champion Ewe, Justin Taylor
W_1st Early Ram & Champion Ram, Blake Campbell
W_1st Early Spring Ewe Lamb, Eva Garges
W_1st Fall Ewe Lamb & Champion Ewe, Ashton Anderson
W_1st Late Spring Ewe Lamb & Res Champ Ewe, Tayler Garges
W_1st Late Spring Ram & Reserve Champion Ram, Tayler Garges
W_1st Yearling Ewe, Nikkole Sheppleman

2017 Lincoln Longwool Junior Futurity Program

by Site Admin on May 11, 2017

The NLSBA will once again be offering a futurity program for ewes. Rules and the point record form can be found on the Junior page and will be updated for 2017. New this year: yearling ewes that were purchased and shown as futurity nominated lambs in 2016 can be nominated again as a yearling. The yearling must have been nominated as a ewe lamb.

If you have questions on the futurity program, please contact Mindy Reid: wyncrest2003@yahoo.com

Youth Conservationist Program Applications Open

by Site Admin on February 8, 2017

Know of any youth who are interested in raising heritage sheep breeds? The Youth Conservationist Program (YCP) can help them get started! The YCP is a way to enable youth to experience the joys and responsibilities of conserving heritage wool breeds of sheep, and a chance to raise heritage breeds that may not be common in their area. Yearling ewes are donated from breeders who are willing to mentor the recipient and help them establish their own flock. Recipients are expected to fulfill the requirements of the YCP by promoting their particular breed of sheep and using the wool from their own animal. The donors and recipients meet at the festival for the presentation and exchange of ownership of the ewe. In 2016, 15 registered ewes were awarded to 15 aspiring young shepherds.

Youth interested in applying for the 2017 Youth Conservationist Program need to be between 9 and 18 years old. If selected, youth must be present to receive the ewe at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on the Sunday of the event. They must agree to exhibit the ewe at least twice in 2017 at:
1. a county fair or local sheep show; and
2. the State Fair in the state where the recipient lives.

They must also agree to breed the ewe to a registered ram in the fall of 2017, and must agree to either use the ewe’s fleece to personally make a woolen item or sell the fleece to a spinner, felter, or weaver. Finally, they must submit a one-to-two page report, with pictures to the donor breeder by April 30, 2018.

Applications from interested youth must be postmarked by April 1, 2017. In the application/essay the youth should describe themselves, their experience with animals, explain their interest in sheep, and answer the question: “Why would I like to help preserve a heritage breed of sheep?” The total application/essay should be no more than 2 pages in length. The application must include address, phone and, if available, email address. The applicant should indicate if they wish to be considered for a particular breed or any of the breeds available. Each applicant must also include a “letter of recommendation” from his or her 4-H Advisor, FFA Advisor, Veterinarian, Teacher, or Clergy.

Interested young people should contact Elaine Ashcraft for an updated list of breeds available, and then submit their letter of application/essay to: Elaine Ashcraft, 46118 CR 58, Coshocton, Ohio 43812 or by email: tankewe_cr58@yahoo.com.